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Heart of the Hide

“High quality glove. Still in process of breaking it in. FYI – any Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove will take a longer time to break in. Once broken in, this is a great glove and will last many years with a little maintenance.”

Austin Riley

Nike Huaraches Elite 3

“My sons feet were growing so fast that we couldn’t get more than 6 months out of his shoes. We have had to buy him new baseball shoes every year he played ball, so when I found these shoes I thought they would surely last the season. Even though these cleats were inexpensive, they have held up as well as any we have purchased before at a much higher price. He was able to get the size (14)and color he wanted and they felt as comfortable as any of his other shoes. Yes, he wants new cleats for this season (so they look nice as he gives them no care at all), but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy him another pair and we probably will. I think he will keep his old ones for backup.”

Arther Picknose

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